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What Your Home AC Tune-up Should Include

It is inconvenient to be without cool comfort during a strong summer heatwave. It might also be difficult to obtain emergency help because service professionals are frequently overbooked. This article will go over what an air conditioning unit tune-up entails and why you should do it regularly. Schedule a maintenance appointment with a certified AC contractor in Houston immediately before the weather warms up.

What Exactly Is An AC Tune-Up?

HVAC systems, like cars, require frequent trips to the garage to inspect the fluids and adjust the moving components to work properly. According to Energy Star, homeowners should tune up their heating and cooling systems.

AC tune-ups should be performed in the spring, while heating tune-ups can be performed in the fall. At Strive HVAC & Construction, our heating and cooling technicians inspect each component of your system to verify that it is operational and ready to withstand the hottest days of summer.

What’s included:

  • Electrical Connections Should Be Checked And Tightened

Wires that are loose or broken between your thermostat, outside unit, and power supply might cause your system to work poorly or shut down when needed. We double-check and adjust all cables to ensure that the HVAC equipment gets enough power.

  • Lubricate Moving Components

By applying a tiny quantity of oil to the appropriate areas, friction is reduced, lowering energy costs and improving performance. Friction also leads to premature component wear.

  • Examine And Recharge The Refrigerant

When coolant levels are low, your heating system or air conditioner must work harder. Researchers discovered that over and short-changed systems are ineffective and prone to malfunction. If needed, contact your nearest HVAC experts for AC installation in Houston.

  • Remove The Condensation Drain

Cleaning system components is essential for increasing efficiency and overall performance. A blocked or partially covered condensate drain allows harmful humidity and moisture to accumulate in your house.

  • Blowers Must Be Adjusted And Cleaned

Inadequate airflow raises energy expenses and creates uncomfortable hot and cold zones in your house. As per Energy Star, correcting blower faults can increase efficiency by 15%.

  • Evaporator And Condenser Coils Should Be Cleaned

Pollen, dirt, grass clippings, and other particles obstruct the system’s capacity to cool your house properly. Coils that are clogged cause the system to operate longer, which increases energy costs.

The Perks of Regular AC Tune-up

Fewer Repairs Are Required: Inspecting the unit once a year allows AC contractors in Houston to assess the complete system and identify any underlying issues.

System Effectiveness: A yearly tune-up entails carefully cleaning the equipment. It helps the machine function more efficiently, lowering your energy bill.

Warranty Protection: Many air conditioner warranties demand annual servicing. Failure to do so may void the warranty, requiring you to pay the bill in the event of an unexpected breakdown.

The Average Life Expectancy: A well-maintained air conditioner lasts many more years than one that is not.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Tune-Up Today

 Don’t worry if you’ve already switched on your air conditioner for the season. It’s never too late to arrange a tune-up to maintain your system in excellent working order during the hot Houston summer! Schedule an arrangement with one of our certified experts to get AC tune-ups and AC installation in Houston by contacting us.