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The Major Consequences of Not Changing Your Air Filter

A homeowner may not think of a heating contractor in Houston until something goes wrong with the system.Experts suggest homeowners must change the air filter every 2-3 months. But, homeowners often lose track of time and end up facing major consequences of not changing their air filter.

It becomes necessary that homeowners have enough awareness to change their air filters regularly. Continue reading to know more and avoid situations that will cause your system to fail.

What is The Function of The Filter in The Heating System?

Filters safeguards the heating system from pet dander, bacteria, dust, mold, lint, pet fur, and more. The filters are usually made of a material called fiberglass or pleated paper. A cardboard case enclosed the filters. Filters also protect the sensitive components of the heating system from contaminants. The function makes it the most important part of the system.

Homeowners are often confused about when to change air filters. The period depends on the situation and the kind of air filter one uses in their system. For example, if there are no pets, you can change the filter every three months or so.

And, in case you have pets, you should renew the filter every four to eight weeks. Similarly, if you have a big family, you should replace the unit every month.

Reasons Why you Should Change the Air Filters:

  • The Surge in Energy Bills

The heating system struggles to perform its basic function when clogged. Your HVAC system starts to consume more energy than it usually does. The blockage in the filters makes it difficult to produce heat or air inside the residence. This will be evident through the increased energy bills.

  • Weak Temperature Regulation

The blockage in the air filters restraints the movement of heated air inside the residence. This results in uneven heating inside the residence. Homeowners are likely to face poor temperature control.

  • Breakdown

When the system is repeatedly put to work due to a filter blockage, it can eventually cause the system to fail. The components of the system will greatly suffer from the breakdown.

It can put a strain on the utility. Homeowners may need to call out to heating installation in Houston to replace the system if the breakdown is severe.

What to do to Avoid Such Problems?

The best solution to avoid the consequences is to opt for a maintenance plan. This will help the homeowners regularly change the air filter without any fail. Consider it a warning if you haven’t changed the air filter in your home in a long time. It is time you call a heating contractor in Houston to examine the heating system and do the necessary tune-up to avoid issues.

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