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Don’t Panic When Your Furnace Won’t Shut Down

Homeowners use furnaces as protection in cold climatic conditions. Prolonged usage of furnaces without regular maintenance tends to wear out the furnace. Many times, because of wear and tear the furnace stops functioning and may require repair.

Sometimes, your furnace can have problems shutting off. Though don’t worry you do not need to panic in such cases; call a furnace repair in Houston to help you out.

Things You Can Try if Your Furnace isn’t Switching Off.

  • Try switching the furnace off by yourself until the technician reaches your house and fixes the problem. You can try to turn the thermostat off or replace the batteries in the thermostat.

  • If the furnace doesn’t turn off by the thermostat’s command, manually switch off the furnace. Look for the power switch, on or near the furnace, and turn the switch off the button accordingly.

  • However, if your furnace still shuts down, you can cut the power to your whole house as an emergency measure.

After figuring out how to shut down the furnace, look for the following causes that may have caused the problem.

Causes of Your Furnace Not Shutting Down When Commanded,


  1. Issues With The Thermostat.

    • Whenever there are problems like HVAC systems not switching on or off, you should always check your thermostat first. Some common issues with the thermostat are:

    • Although it might sound obvious, a simple reason why your furnace isn’t turning off is just that it’s doing its job. Your home’s temperature must be cooler than the temperature set in the thermostat, causing the furnace to keep on working.

    • Another reason is that the furnace fan setting on the thermostat is switched to ‘on’ instead of ‘auto’, causing the fan to keep working all day.

    • The thermostat’s wiring could have been frayed or worn out, causing the furnace to ignore the thermostat’s settings.

  2. Clogged Air Filter.

    Air filters get clogged due to filtering out toxins like dust, debris, and soot from the air inside your home. If your air filter is clogged, it obstructs the airflow. It means that the furnace can’t pull air to heat and can’t push out warm air into your home. This can cause your furnace to keep working for long durations to heat your house.

  3. Stuck Buttons.

    There’s also a possibility that the switch on your furnace or thermostat is stuck, which causes the furnace to keep working.

  4. Leakage in Air Ducts.

Cracks or holes in air ducts can cause air to leak. Air escaping through the leaks causes the furnace to keep working without shutting off. Call up a heating repair in Houston to fix your air ducts if they’re leaking.

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