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Common Furnace Heating Repairs You May Need

Every homeowner faces problems with their heating unit at some point. While there are many DIY options available and heating repair in Houston is just a call away, it pays to know some common furnace repairs. As HVAC experts, we have compiled a list of tips, tricks, and solutions for common furnace and heating unit problems that we hope will help you during an emergency.

Common furnace repairs

  1. Sometimes the problem is the battery
    One common reason for heating problems is not the heating unit; it is the thermostat. If your thermostat’s battery has not been replaced in a long time, it is likely to turn itself off. Therefore, your heating unit will not function because the thermostat is not detecting anything.

  2. Resetting a circuit breaker
    A tripped circuit is another popular problem. This usually happens when the load on the circuit increases. Resetting a circuit breaker can be as simple as flipping a switch. You should watch some videos before you attempt this just to make sure you are doing it the right way. This problem usually occurs after there is a blackout or during and after a major storm.

  3. Replacing and cleaning filters
    Most furnace problems originate from clogged filters. If you call a heating repair in Houston for the job, they will clean the filters. However, you can also do the replacing and cleaning on your own. It just needs three things: foaming soap, water, and a soft-bristle brush. You do not need any fancy equipment or training. Remember to do this once every few weeks and to be gentle with the system.

  4. Colour of burner flames
    This tip is especially useful for homeowners who have fuel-based furnaces, i.e. furnaces that do not run on electricity. The color of the burner flames is a good indication of how your furnace is functioning. If the flames are blue, all the fuel fed into the furnace is being burnt and nothing is wasted. However, if the flames are yellow or orange, the fuel is not burnt completely. This means carbon monoxide is being produced which is harmful to breathe in. Call a contractor who provides heating installation in Houston immediately.

  5. Replacing a blown fuse
    Replacing a broken fuse sounds like a relatively simple job; however, it can be complicated. The best method to learn this hand trick is to call a contractor to help you learn how to replace a blown fuse. You can also ask them to teach you about tightening loose wires.

  6. Oiling the furnace
    To keep your furnace in excellent working condition, oil the furnace at least once a year. For this, instead of depending on resources online, we recommend calling a contractor and asking for a live demonstration. It may cost you money, but in the long run, you will do the job right and will not need supervision, which may save you money on inspections and repairs.

If you do not know anyone, you can select a contractor who provides heating installation in Houston. Strive HVAC is the best for this job because we have experience in all HVAC-related problems and units. You can book your services by calling us on (832) 275-6615 or emailing [email protected].