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6 Home Heating Mistakes That Spike Your Bills

Like most people in Houston, TX, you probably worry about your energy bills during summer. However, did you know that a few common mistakes in the colder season can account for as much as half of your electricity bill, if not more? 
During the holiday season, you probably look forward to some indoor family time. But, if your next energy bill is unexpectedly high, it may dampen your festive spirit. So, make the most of your holiday by avoiding these common home heating mistakes that spike your bills.

  1. Not keeping up with maintenance
    The efficiency of your heating system does not just depend on how good its features are. How well you take care of it also affects the efficiency of your system. Neglecting regular heating maintenance, especially after a period of downtime, can impend the efficiency of your heating system and can contribute a significant amount to your high energy bills.

  2. Leaving your doors and windows open
    Perhaps the most common and easiest heating mistake to avoid is to crack open your windows and doors when the indoors get too warm. However, this defeats the whole purpose of using the heating unit and forces the system to restart the entire heating cycle, which may take a long time and requires more energy.

  3. Frequently adjusting the thermostat
    It’s crucial to understand that your heating system requires time to reach the preset temperature, and cranking up your thermostat does not affect how fast your home will heat up. Avoid adjusting your thermostat too often and keep it at a temperature that’s not too high to prevent a spike in your energy bills.

  4. Neglecting your air filters
    Your heating system’s filters perform the crucial task of preventing dirt and pollutants from entering your indoor air. However, dirty air filters reduce the airflow and force your system to work harder to produce the required warm air. Cleaning or replacing the air filters can significantly improve the unit’s efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

  5. Not using natural sunlight
    Keeping your curtains closed during the night may help you keep the warmth indoors, but if you do this in the morning, you’ll be missing out on the free solar heating sunlight offers. Keep the curtains open during the day, and let the sunshine take a load off your heating system. Your energy bills will be lower as your heating system is doing less work to heat your home.

  6. Poor insulation
    You may be surprised by how much heat escapes your home through your roof, floor, windows, and walls due to poor insulation. Before the holiday season starts, make sure you have your house insulated to avoid a spike in your bills.

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